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How to fix insufficient storage on an android phone.

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  1. Uninstall unnecessary aps: Go to Settings> Apps/Applications manager> Downloaded, touch the app you want to remove> Touch uninstall.
  2. Move some apps to SD card. Go to Settings> Apps/Applications manager> Downloaded, touch the app you want to move> Touch 'Move to SD card'
    Please note that not all apps can be moved to SD card unless your phone is rooted and or using a special app.

Method 2 (Rooted users only) See how to root HERE if you don't have a computer try this method HERE.

  1. Download LINK2SD from Google plays store/App store
    LINK2SD: With this app you can move any app including system apps to SD card. You can also set your phone to use an SD card as default write disc.
  2. Launch the app, touch the action button (top right) select settings.
  3. Scroll  down to "NATIVE APPS2SD SETTINGS"
  4. Touch "Install location" and choose "External" (Every new downloaded app will be automatically installed in SD card).
    Please note that apps that are installed in SD card will not work if SD card is removed.

To move an app to SD card using LINK2SD

  1. Launch  LINK2SD.
  2. Touch and hold the app you want to move.
  3. Choose Move to SD card from the pop up.

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