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Hey - the device's internal memory where the main system and most apps are kept is sadly around 256MB in total. One of the ZTE Switch X!'s weak point would be extremely small internal memory. The best way to get away with installing more applications than the ZTE Switch X1 current allows you would be to root it. This will then let you install applications to you 4GB SD/memory card. Please comment below if you have any other needed help on this.

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To check your memory usage please go to Settings> Applications> Manage applications' bottom left of your phones screen it will display internal storage used on the right side of the screen free memory will be displayed. Please note that you can install MicroSD up to a maximum of 16GB on this phone.

You can move some apps to your SD card to create more internal free space, to do that' touch the app you want to move and then touch "Move to SD card". Please note that not all the apps have this options.

Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you for using SA Tech Help.
How do I root my ZTE Switch X1?

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