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Data does not last.

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How can i stop my MTN steppa tab from consuming my data even if i am not online?

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Hey Frivdell. The Steppa Tab like many if not all Android powered device will use/transmit data if the "background data" is not disabled or restricted. To restrict the transmission of background data, go to:

1. Settings

2. Data Usage

3. (May have to check mark the "Set data limit" option)

4. Tap the options button - three stacked horizontal lines

5. On the menu that pops up, select "Restrict background data"

An warning icon of a triangle with an exclamation mark will show on the notification of the MTN Steppa Tab bar for as long as background data will be restricted as stated above.

You should now have effectively stopped data transmission on your Steppa Tab in this way but there also exist ways in which you can allow and at the same time disallow certain background data transmission activities should need ever be.

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