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Nokia Lumia 630 blue screen with sad smile face

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Like most if not all of the members of the Lumia series, the Nokia Lumia 630 will at times go on only to halt at a blue screen of death with a sad smile-face. The Lumia 630 may get stuck at this blue screen with a sad smile-face due to a system glitch. This glitchy issue can normally be corrected through a hard reset. It is only unfortunate that a hard reset will normally delete all user data stored on the device model's internal memory. Please see the solution on the answer section below.

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To perform a hard reset on your Nokia Lumia 630 and there by correct the blue screen of death (with a sad smile-face), do the following:

  1. Turn the Nokia Lumia 630 off
  2. Press and hold  the Volume Down key and connect your charger or USB cable (while the Vol Down key is held) until a white exclamation mark is displayed on the screen
  3. Now press the following key in order to confirm the reset - Vol Up, Vol Down, Power & Vol Down again. 
  4. The reset then commences indicated by two white gears rolling...
  5. Wait until rolling is done, followed by a complete restart - then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset...

After it all, the Nokia Lumai 630 should then start up like normal with no sad face,

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