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Uploading a file onto Google Drive storage and generate a link

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With every free Google account created, Google allocate 15GB of cloud storage space wherein mails and other files you may have can be stored through Google Drive. Below are steps on uploading a file from you PC hard drive to Google Drive Storage and also how you can then generate a link to the file and share with anyone you wish to.

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If you have already created an account and have used services like Gmail on your browser, then you must be already logged in and all you have to do is the following - remember to compress your file using WinRar or zip it on Windows to reduce file size.

  1. Go to https://drive.google.com
  2. Click the 'MyDrive' down arrow (see the screenshot below)


  3. Click 'Upload files' on the drop-down menu that comes up
  4. From the window that comes up, browse through your files and double-click the file you wish to upload
  5. The upload task should begin and amount of time it will take to complete will depend on the file size (one of the reasons to compress if possible)
  6. When the upload is completed, locate and right-click on the uploaded file name and click 'Get sharable link' from the right menu
  7. Wait for the link to be generated - it only takes a moment or two
  8. Click the generated link once and then copy it by holding the Crtl key and press the C key while the Ctrl key is held down
  9. You can then paste of share the file link as you please.

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