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How to flash the MTN Steppa 2 LTE ROM images using fastboot

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Steppa 2 LTE like its precedence Steppa 2 is a Qualcomm and hence reloading a firmware to correct issue like bootloop (hanging on the powered by Android screen) can only be done via fastboot. Below is both a ROM link and steps to be followed to reflash the MTN Steppa 2 LTE

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  1. Order, download and extract the ROM [here]
  2. Download and install this ADB/Fastboot tool (just type Y followed by enter until you get 'All done'
  3. Download and install the Driver here (32 or 64 bits)
  4. While the MTN Steppa LTE is off, pressing Vol+ and the Power key at the same time until you see the a Green screen (Which will be the Fastboot mode).
  5. Connect it to the PC > ADB Booloader Interface driver should install and complete
  6. Open the extracted ROM folder > copy the 'system.img' file > navigate to your C: drive and you will see a folder named 'adb' > open it and paste that 'system' file
  7. Place you cursor in the white area of the folder > hold the Shift key and right-click > on the right click menu > click; Open command window here
  8. Type: fastboot
  9. Then click Enter
  10. Type: fastboot devices
  11. Click Enter > you should see something like: 123JHJH566 fastboot
  12. Type: fastboot flash system system.img
  13. And click Enter
  14. It should be done in about a minute of two> then disconnect the phone > Remove and install the battery > boot into recovery > wipe data via recovery > reboot and then wait and observer

We can flash the device for you remotely for a fee if you prefer - let us know.

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Hi. I am following on the tutorial but I just can't get to 'dab' folder my machine is windows 7. Please assist.
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Yes this happens on some devices. Use this instead: https://mega.nz/#!TcA1GLCL!OaDVIwgf3JI229xvfjAmIzQPNLkdhtmNQe5uIO9xtcU
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Thanks Kervan. I got it right I forgot to install 'adb setup'. Thanks
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Oh OK - glad to hear

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