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Proline SV-701 PTEST MODE v1.41 Solution

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NB. You need a PC to be able to do this or you will need to take your device to you local phone repairs shops. See the answer section for more info on this Proline SV-701 PTEST MODE v1.41 issue and is solution.

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This is found to be a firmware flaw - below are steps to be taken to correct this:

  1. Order and download the pack here
  2. Extract it afterwards using WinRAR or any similar tool
  3. Instruction will be on a text doc inside the pack
  4. Open and follow the instructions text doc in there and post a reply below if you need any help

We also have a firmware and a flash tool if you should need that by some chance here: http://www.saroms.co.za/product/proline-sv-701-intel-tab-firmwarerom/

Hi Kervin,

I have followed the provided instructions however the tablet does not appear in the list of devices attached. Do you perhaps know why?

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Hi MTC. This indicates issues with the driver, try reinstalling the driver and if you have Windows 7 (or later) 64 bit, the you may need to disable signature verification.
Hi Kervin

I have done as advised but still no luck, please see below log;

x64 os
Windows version: 7
CertMgr.exe MFLD_USB_driver_cert.cer returned 0
Installing drivers, please wait
drvinstall.exe intc_usbcomp.inf returned 0
drvinstall.exe intc_cdcserial.inf returned 0
drvinstall.exe intc_rndis.inf returned 0
drvinstall.exe intc_mtp.inf returned 0
drvinstall.exe intc_adb.inf returned 0
drvinstall.exe intc_dvctrace.inf returned 0

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Hmmm - I expect that the included driver is signed but do try disabling signature verification as per the steps on the .pdf doc here: https://mega.nz/#!jB4nhQoC!JymI0SZFB0JWr_BPm3TbX4C0oZTsBjpa72ovwQdtnZM and retry. Otherwise, if possible, do try the performing this on a different PC and observe.

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