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Help guys i bought a Verssed motion e1.1 tablet on the 9th of September 2015. I returned it back to Jet Mart for a repair of a battery. Then secondly i returned it again in june 2016 for a soft brick. And for the third time i returned it again on the 26th of august for a repair of a soft brick. Then the warranty was about to end on the 9th of September, i waited 4 weeks thats a month then i checked it was back  at Jet Mart then took it home they said i should charge it about 4hrs till its full. Then i did as they told me after 30mins i checked then i was like WTF! The batterty is still at 0%. I tried to charge it on a different wall socket and it topped up to 4%, then i powered it on and it was stuck on a verssed logo, i tried to flash a rom of it which i found it here on this website, and i flashed and it was a success but when i turned it on it didn want to power on even charging it refused to charge.....PLEASE!!! I need help and i cant even return it to Jet Mart because the warranty is over please guys help i cant put my R1 600 into trash.......

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Hey. The Verssed tablet that come with E1.1 on the back cover uses two different boards and ROMs (that are not cross-compatible). If you got the ROM from us at a donation recently, then you must have received two links. One of which must work. Please reply with a bit more info on how and when exactly you got the ROM from us and we will try and assist further.

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