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[EMI] Enable DRAM fail
[HINT]:  Please check your load matches to your target which is to be downloaded

We have had a few users who have ran into this error on the MTK flasher 'SP Flash Tool' and we decided to document its possible causes and solution.

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Erro 0xFC0 image

We have just had to resolve the same error after another brother attempted to flash an incompatible Preloader version. This can happen within ROMs of the same device model. You will also notice that 'Auto format except bootloader' also does not work (giving the same error) after an attempt to flash an incompatible Preloader has been made.

What we did was to:

  1. Find a device with a similar board ID and flash its ROM using (Format+ Download). It flashed OK but the tab could not boot after.
  2. But it then allowed us to Auto format except bootloader
  3. And after that we could flashed the same ROM that had been giving the 0x0FC0 error (without ticking the Preloader using: Download Only) and then after the tab booted fine.

Conclusion... we were fortunate to find that that other model's ROM had a Preloader version that was compatible with the device that was giving the 0x0FC0 error - this may sadly not always happen at the first attempt - in which case you will need to keep trying ROMs of devices with specs that closely matched that of the target board. Please note that error 4032 has also been resolved in a slightly similar approach. Error 0xFC0 seems to arise when the right model's ROM is flashed together with a Preloader version that is incompatible with the set while 4032 comes up if a different model's ROM and Preloader are flashed. It is not easy tell if you have a compatible or incompatible Preloader. Therefore, take the below note:

NB. Flashing the Preloader on an MTK device might not always result in a brick but let it be known that there is a brick risk in every Preloader flashed :(

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