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Invalid IMEI after flashing Mobicel Metro 2. I had to format it first and I did not backup the IMEIs. What can I do

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Hi. I sent you 2 links. The 2 one has 3 IMEI repairs files. You take all 3 and paste them in the original ROM folder (the scatter txt will be replaced). Then reload the scatter and flash the newly added files. You may have to load them manually if not auto loaded in the location area. Please reply below for further help.
by Genius (34,154,240 points)
We have IMEI repairs files at R29 Voda donation. Please do bear in mind that you must have formatted the IMEI partition to end up in this situation.
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Will send it in the morning
by Genius (34,154,240 points)
Ohk no problem
asked Mar 30, 2017 in Mobicel Metro 2 by anonymous Invalid imei mobicel metro 2
by User (100 points)
Good Afternoon Sir, How to buy those files (IMEI Repairs Files). Mozambique

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