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Brom error: s_chip_type_not_match (3168 mobicel candy

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  • Please do note that it is like Mobicel to us differing chips one and the same device model. This has been noted on the Mobicel Metro 2 (where while most had EMMC, few sets with NAND chips were noted) and the ROMs of these two were not cross compatible. A Memory Test on SP Flash Tool should be able to reveal if this is the case with your particular set or not. If you get NAND not detected/ then you have and EMMC - and vice verse.
  • You may also get this error possibly if you have a bad memory chip (RAM or Storage). A Memory Test should also be able to assist in determining if the set has sound chips.
  • With all said, the Mobicel Candy ROM has been tested and shared with other technicians with no similar issue or reports. A corrupt IMEI is the only common report we got and that usually if a technician omitted to backup prior to flashing.

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