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I forgot my pattern lock and am now locked out. How do I factory reset my Mobicel Metro 6515.

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  1. Turn the Mobicel 6515 off
  2. Press and hold the Volume down button and the Power button until you see the Mobicel logo
  3. Wait until you see the triangle with an exclamation mark inside
  4. Tap the Home button (the Recovery Menu should now displays)
  5. Use the Volume down button to scroll and highlight "Wipe data/ factory reset"
  6. Press Power button to select/confirm
  7. Scroll to 'yes' using the Volume down button and confirm with the Power button
  8. Wait until you see "wiping complete" at the bottom of the screen
  9. Press the Power button to confirm or select 'reboot now'

Your Mobicel Metro 6515 should now be hard/factory reset!

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