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Hi friends are you aware that there are two mobicel clicka
They look the same but the are different
*the other one it has a curve on the back led
*the other one has a load speaker on center

When it comes to flashing they dont use the same firmware
*the other one we use *.bin file to flash
*the other use chines sp flash tool

*for you to realize you messed up
you will experience hard brick
you will experience green screen after flashing

from my side I was able to identify them

So am stacked here after unbrick i have lost IMEI

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Hi. Yes we recently realized this as well sadly (Mobicel does this as times). The Mobicel Clicka is an MTK device and should be able to work with normal MTK IMEI Repairs tools. Only look for one that has support for the MT6260 MTK chipsets.

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