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How to reset Mobicel Retro to factory default?

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Hi good day.my name is Vincey csn you please help on reset my phone mobicel retro with the imei number 355807061497433 please
hi i need help on bypassing my mobicel frio passcode IME 354449080273338,it requires a passcode even after i hard reset.
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It must be asking for an email confirmation after a successful hard reset.
Plz help me with my son phone he forgot his Patten. IMEI 352493104282141
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Follow the instructions provided on the answer section below

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Hey Thabo - Do the following to access the recovery mode on the Mobicel Retro to be able to wipe user data and restore it to factory setting.

Pull out the battery and replace it again

Press and hold both Vol Down and Volume Up keys and, while the vol keys are held down, press and hold the power key for 5 seconds (or until you see the two white options - 1] Recovery Mode: Volume Up 2] Factory Mode: Volume Down

Short press the Volume Up and wait about 5 seconds - you will get a Green robot lying down with it bowels opened and the text: No Command

Short press the Power key - you will then get the Android System Recovery Menu NB: Scroll up & down using the Volume keys and make your selection using the Option/Home touch key

Scroll down to Wipe data/factory reset and then select it

Scroll down to Yes---delete all user data and then select it

Wait for the wiping to be completed...

Select 'Reboot now" to restart the system and you should be done.

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