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I've done a factory restore on my AG Mobile Chrome Ultra as I want to sell it.  Now it asks me for a privacy protection password. I've never configured one. So I assume there is some default.

A: 356427060121188
B: 356427060141186

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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I must so far point out that Android powered devices do not really come with a pre-configured (Default) Privacy Protection Password :(   It must sadly be that you set it when you first got your Chrome Ultra which you then forgot. The only way that exist so far is a software wipe. There is a rather advanced step-by-step DIY guide here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/1612/please-enter-privacy-protection-password-unlock-solution ... let us know if you mean to try it out. You can alternatively mail the Chrome Ultra to an AG service center to have the software wipe performed for you
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Thanks.  I've phoned them, they don't seem to know anything.  Also no firmware available for me to re-flash the device. So I can't follow your steps.

Looks like a simple factory reset basically bricks it.  

Thanks anyway.
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Wait - the following has been the reply to one of their Android device users on their Facebook page. It must be that the rep who picked up the phone on the other end was just sadly clueless. Quote:

Hi Davian Maitland, please also send us your e-mail address. Your phone will have to be booked in for a software wipe.
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Thanks for the help.
asked Jun 27, 2015 in AG Mobile by (User) (600 points) Privacity protection passvword to unlock

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