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  1. Download Navifirm Plus 3.2 for free and unzip it
  2. Double click and open the Navifirm Plus 3.2 folder
  3. Open the Navifirm+ folder again Note: Make sure your computer is connected to the internet before you proceed with step 4.
  4. Double click Navifirmplus and click Run if needed (icon of a IC with a green arrow)
  5. The Navifirm window displays - click cancel on the login/donation window that appears (of cause if you do not have any thing to donate)

The steps continues in the answer section below (simply scroll down)

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  1. Type the Nokia product code (normally located under the battery on  white sticker) - it looks something like: 059V5J0
  2. Type the code at the field toward the top left where it reads 'Search in Nokia Care Suite' and hit Enter - Now Click 'Download' at the mid-right of the area.
  3. Wait for all file to be download (all green bars must be full and %age should read 100%) To locate the downloaded files, navigate to the same Navifirm Plus extracted folder and open it - open the NaviFirm+  Double click the folder named 'Fw' - that is where you downloaded files are, in a folder name after the product code. In my case it was 059V5J0
  4. Rename the folder to RM-... (this rm- is still located on the same white sticker) e.g. mine was renamed to RM-863 which is found of the Asha 205's white sticker.

Now relocate/move the RM-... folder according to the Program you are going to use to flash the firmware into your particular Nokia device.

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