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hard reset hurricane vegas mobile device

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Please follow the instructions on below

  1. Turn off the hurricane Vegas 
  2. Press and hold both Volume up and the Power button until it turns on.
  3. If you come across the "No command" mode then try the following to bypass it to recovery mode:
    Tap the Power key
    Tap the Volume down or up
    Tap the Volume down/up together with the Power key
  4. Scroll to 'Wipe data/ factory restore' (scroll with Volume Down)
  5. Confirm selection with the Power button
  6. Scroll to 'Yes---delete all user data'
  7. Again, confirm with the Power button
  8. Wait until you see Wiping complete
  9. Short press the Power button to 'Reboot now'.
The above are common android hard reset instructions please let us know if this did not worked on your phone.
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if ever you wish to hard reset your Hurricane Vegas device because of a forgotten pattern, password or pin, please click here

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