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Vodafone Smart Tab 3G Stock ROM

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I want to unroot my Vodafone Smart Tab 3G and flash stock ROM. I know that I must buy it and I am going to, but I first need clarification on these things:
1) Is there an online and detailed guide on how to do it step by step?
2) What flashtool and drivers are needed and where do I download them?
3) If I flash the stock ROM, will it install the stock RECOVERY (TWRP/CWM) also?


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click on the given link below and you get links to the drivers, firmware, flash tool and instructions.


flashing a stock rom will restore the stock recovery and your tablet will be urooted.
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Thank you so much! One more thing, what is the best backup software if you have root? I hear that Titanium Backup is good, can you confirm that?

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