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The MTN's nofunds.mtn.co.za nightmare

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Review date: 21/July/2015

With wireless service signal being area-depended as avid users may already know - with the exception of Cellc who is in his towers-growing stage, I found MTN to offer the strongest data connection service when staked up against Vodacom and Cellc in my area - Telkom Mobile has been tested and found to offer more or less the same decent connection speed as MTN but their smaller data bundle pricing were not found quite friendly. I lately, therefore, decide to abide with MTN's prepaid data service - as contract or ADSL are for some reasons not an option to me for now. I shopped for and used MTN's daily data bundles, both Night Express bundles and their Weekly 1GB bundle. Lately during usage or both the daily data bundles and the Night Express, the now dreaded by me: http//nofunds.mtn.co.za page would be thrown up in error! (see details below)


Daily Data bundles

With daily data bundles, if seemed somewhat bearable but I concluded it may be because these were normally purchased for normal internet surfing data transmission with almost zero download rate. But I would attempt to send a request either for the a specific URL or keyword search on Google and I would be routed to http//nofunds.mtn.co.za - no it does not happen once. Hitting the back button would not help. What normally helped would be to disable my data connection and re-enabled it.


Night Express

Read my sad encounter with bundle type here


Weekly data bundles

With this bundle type, I do not recollect the system bug in question manifesting but I hope to experiment as soon as I recover from the wound the nofunds.mtn.co.za bug left me with with.

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