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Hard reset instructions for
Azumi kirai a45d
Azumi A45D
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Hello. Please follow the instructions below

  1. Turn off your Azumi A45D
  2. Press and hold the Power key together with the Volume up key' This will take you to Boot mode
  3. On Boot mode you will be given 3 options namely:
    Recovery mode 
    Fastboot mode
    Normal boot

    Use the the Volume Up to navigate then the Volume down to select
  4. Choose Recovery mode.
  5. Next screen you will see "No command" Press the Power Key to bypass that to Recovery mode.
  6. In the Recovery mode use the following keys:
    Volume Up: To move the highlighter up
    Volume Down: To move the highlighter down
    Power key: To select/confirm action
  7. Scroll down to Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume down and press the Power key to confirm
  8. Scroll down to Yes -- delete all user data using the Volume down and press the Power key to confirm
  9. Factory reset should take less than 5 seconds 
  10. Press the Power key to Reboot system.
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I have tried hard reset multiple times with no success. what now?
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Hi there.I did the hard reset on the Azumi Kirei A45D.IThe wipe and format was done and now it is stuck on the Azumi Android.logo after restart.please advise before I crack
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Sometime a phone can seems to be stuck on the logo after a successful hard reset while it is initialising it's operating system in background. Give it at least 5 minutes  
If still stucked on the logo then it means that the OS is corrupted' you will then have to flash the main software' see instructions here https://satechhelp.co.za/30565/how-can-i-flash-a45d-with-out-firmwere.
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My phone still doing the same thing going on off
What do I do
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If its not a battery issue then the phone's software is corrupted. See a solution on this link https://satechhelp.co.za/30565/how-can-i-flash-a45d-with-out-firmwere

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