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How to clear error 5B02 (5B00) from Canon Pixma MX394 (or MX397)

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This comes up as an error code but in fact in indicates that the Waste Ink Absorber is full. Because the printer do not see the sponge absorber, it just counts the number of prints and when a set number is reached, the error code is triggered and the printer locks up. To clear the error then, all you have to do is to reset the counter - but if you do not take care of the sponge, the printer will start leaking ink from the bottom (may be months before you see this). Download the service tool here > extract it > and run it

From the Service Tool (make sure you have paper loaded)

  1. Under Set Destination, click the drop down arrow (JPN) in front of Region: and select USA - click Set (you get "The function is fished!)
  2. Under Clear Ink Counter, click the drop down arrow (Main) in front of Absorber: and select Main-Black - click Set (The printer prints one sheet)
  3. Under Ink Absorber Counter, click the drop down arrow (Main) in front of Absorber: and select Main-Black - click Set (The printer prints one sheet another sheet)
  4. Click EEPROM and the printer prints one sheet
  5. Click Auto on the top right of the Service Tool Window
  6. Click Test Print - wait until all is done. Restart the printer and you should be good to print again - Learn how to access the Waste Ink Absorber for cleaning here
we did all of the above - cleaned the absorbers - ink was all over -  keep trying to set the counter,
nothing works.  Any suggestions?
asked Sep 24, 2017 in Canon by anonymous Error 5B02 in Canon MX397
asked Aug 11, 2020 in Canon PIXMA by Amir Please send me the canon Service Tool for MX394

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