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You need to access the Service Mode to be able to run the Service Tool necessary clear the Ink Counter or Ink absorber counter when the Waste Ink Absorber. (Download the service tool here > extract it > and run it) Scroll down to the answer section below for the steps.

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Basically service mode is used to reset the printer. Thus to active service mode do as follow:
- Turn on your printer.
- Hold the reset button on printer.
- During pressing reset button, hold color start button for 5 sec.
- Release both buttons.
- Press and hold the “Tool” button.
- While pressing on the “Tool” button, press and hold the “Reset button“.
- Now release both tool button and reset button.
Now your printer is successfully comes under service mode. You can check details in Cnaon Pixma MX397 Manual- www.guideusermanual.com/product-name-pixma-mx397-manual&po=208778&lang=English for better understanding.

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To Access the Service Mode

  1. Turn the printer off
  2. Press and hold the Cancel/Stop button, then the Cancel/Stop button (while the power button is still held down)
  3. Release the Cancel/Stop button button keep on pressing the Power button
  4. Press the Cancel/Stop button six times - then release both buttons
  5. You are now in Service Mode (the computer will find a new hardware, ignore it)

Find out how to reset error 5B00 or 5B02 using a Service Tool software here

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