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How to bypass Google account on vodafone VFD100

in VFD100 Smart Kicka VE
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You just hard resetted your Vodafone c  smart kicka VE to factory default due to a forgotten screen lock or frozen on the startup screen' but now your VFD100  smart kicka VE is asking you to enter you Google account which you also forgot too. Don't panic' get your self a glass of water and cool down your temper because these instructions below are a bit tricky.

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  1. Turn on your VFD100  smart kicka VE with or without a SIM card
  2. If without a SIM card touch Skip
  3. On the next screen' Connect your VFD100 to a Wi-Fi network and touch next.
  4. Next screen is "Verifying your account" tab where you supposed to type your email address to bring up the keyboard.
  5. Touch and hold the "@" until you see a settings icon above it. 
  6. Touch the settings icon.
  7. Touch "Android  keyboard settings" 
  8. Touch text correction.
  9. Touch personal dictionary
  10. Touch English(united state)
  11. Touch the + symbol far top right of the screen; the symbol is next to the search icon.
  12. Next screen Type "google", press the back icon top left and then tap the search icon on the right of the screen.
  13. Type "Google" and choose "Google voice typing".
  14. Choose text-to-speech output.
  15. Next to "Google text-to-speech output there a settings icon' tap that icon.
  16. Choose "Install voice data"
  17. Next to "Google TTS voice data" there are 3 dots top right of the screen' tap these 3 dots and choose Open source licences.
  18. Wait for the next screen 'OK' then touch and hold anywhere in the licence box to highlight any text and tap the search icon to search the highlighted text from the licence box.
  19. Google results will appear' in the search bar' touch the word you just searched to bring the keyboard up
  20. Type Chrome and tap the back key below your phone screen to remove the keyboard and touch "Chrome" below the search results.
  21. Accept and continue and choose "No thanks"
  22. The browser will load "" and you don't need that' so delete that from the search bar and type this website
  23. Now you at the Home page of' press Manu (3 horizontal lines) top left and choose "Downloads" from the manu.
  24. Download Google account manager 5
  25. During the download process keep your eyes at the bottom screen of the phone' when download is complete you will see "Android5_GAM_apk download..
  26.  A pop up that says install blocked will appear' choose "settings", turn on "Unkown Source" and install the apk.
  27.  Download "Sign in to google account and wait for the OPEN option to install the apk.
  28. When done installing this apk' open it.
  29. On the next screen press the 3 dots top right of the screen and choose "Browser sign in" > Choose OK and login to your google account (any Google account that you remember its login credentials).
  30. Restart your phone when done.
  31. Done

See instructions on video below

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