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I have a sinotec stl-43e390m smart tv running on Android 4.4.2.

The device card is a rtd298x and running TV version rtd298x_tv001.

I performed a software update using a file that I found online. However since the update the screen has distorted color and lines running along the screen.

Where can I find and download the stock firmware

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You can request this firmware directly from sinotec Tel: 011-3573777


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There is never any answer on the number provided and the email address results in a delivery failure
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Try this one Email:
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Thank you. I will try that email address.

I just managed to get hold of someone from the company who insists that it is not possible to flash a stock rom back onto the TV. Apparently, the motherboard has to be changed in order to revert to stock which makes no sense at all.
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You say,  you updated the TV with a wrong firmware?
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I believe so. After the update, the initial boot screen logo has changed but other than that the firmware seems identical - the same launcher and default apps are loaded.

Except for the colors running across the screen, the TV is working perfectly.

I tried explaining to the technical support at Sinotec that because the software is still working flashing the stock ROM for the TV should be a quick fix and that it is probably not the motherboard (As it is running android I'm sure that someone has a stock ROM that I could flash?)
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OK then I suggest you downgrade the firmware to the previous version.
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When selecting the software update option in the android settings I would get an error stating that the current version information could not be obtained. I, therefore, performed the update by flashing via a USB.
I attempted to factory reset, but that does a factory reset using the incorrect firmware that I updated to.

I have been looking for the factory ROM in order to downgrade to the previous version.

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