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Some people say that post office will issue new cards for every SASSA beneficiaries.
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Hello Monica

I heard of these rumours also. Let's just try to look at some key points here. 

  1. SASSA card does not below to CPS but grindrod bank. Even though' about 70% of grindrod card expired last December(2017). So what about the 30%?  They have to work right. 
  2. CPS &  Grindrod are 2 different companies offering different services to SASSA,  the agreement between SASSA and CPS does not have to affect the agreement between grindrod and SASSA. If so' then Grindrod will continue issuing cards to SASSA beneficiaries. 
  3. Like I said this is just my suggestions. What do you think? 
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I just withdrawn my money at Shoprite this morning using the expired card. There are no people at my local Post office.
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He bathu phela it seems like we forgot who is CPS' CPS is the cow that was distributing money to SASSA beneficiaries at SASSA pay points not grindrod bank who provided us with cards to use at any ATM.  By the way' I just withdrawn mine at Nedbank.

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