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The following is about all you have to (Make sure you add about 4ml in each)

  1. Remove any label on top of the cartridge
  2. Locate the three tiny air inlet holes 
  3. Drill through each with the supplied driller (refill kit)
  4. Push through the syringe's heads in each until you hit the sponge - draw it and with the ink in the head on a blank sheet of paper to learn what color each contains (yes repeat this for all three and not the colors in each hole)
  5.  At this stage you can feed each with the relevant color ink - about 4ml per tank (be cautious about spilling ink on the holes surface as replacing the cartridge may be rendered almost impossible and the air trails will be clogged)
  6. Replace the label when done and re-install the cartridge back onto the printer
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