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Can anybody walk me through the procedure of refilling the Canon Pixma MP230
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1. Open to access the cartridges

2. Wait until the carriage move to the center

3. Pull out the particular cartridge (color or black) - [we will use the black cartridge for this tutorial]

4. Partially remove the labal on top to reveal the tiny hole underneath. Use the cartridge driller to make the tiny hole bigger so the ink syringe pipe will fit

5. Draw around 10 ml of ink from the ink bottle using the syringe

6. Gently inject the drawn ink through the catridge hole (see step 4.) to avoid spillage

7. Re-attache the label and replace the catridge

The printer will still indicate that the catridge in question is empty. To over-ride that, press and hold the Cancel button (one with a red triangle) for 5 seconds. You should now be able to print normally.
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Please walk me through refilling the Pixma MP230 colour cartridge

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