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My Vodafone Smart Tab 3G is Touch screen is broken' where can i get the replacement
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Hey - We recently resolved to bridge this gap by re-distributing touchscreens using the post as we are able to conveniently source them from JHB. You therefore can order the Vodafone 3G Smart Tab's touchscreen from us for about R350 including postage. Comment below if you are considerate. I understand that you only need the touchscreen and that the LCD inside is still OK and still offers a full display.

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Hi my daughter also  has a smart tab ,the screen is cracked half way one side stil works im interested in ordering a screen please e-mail me at Bitterlyswt@gmail.com
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Hi, AnnatjieRog. Please confirm with us if the touch screen is still working and that you are only looking to order the LCD only. Thanks.
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I would like to order an screen. My daughters tablet's screen cracked, but everything still works...
How do we order?
LCD damaged can only switch tab on/off
Touch Screen Broken
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I need to replace cracked screen
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my tablet cracked and is not  working.l think the LCD was broken.where can l get a replacement in zimbabwe

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