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Ever since I have used the Vodafone tablet I have had 3 different SD cards becoz after a few days the memory card is corrupted an I do amount it before removing it. I have formeted the SD cards but still the a corrupt.

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Hey - This must be a flaw with some Smart Tab 3Gs. Have you tried any of the SD cards on different devices following one of the 'SD card corrupted" message -  I ask because this may be a false system error report. May want to try a compressed air-can through the SD card slot as well. Do note that this is not common with all Vodafone Smart Tab 3Gs and thus you may just have a defect unit you might want to return to the retailer (under warranty claims if it is less than a year or so old). Also, in can be of interest where you purchase the SD cards tried thus far as - any thing from registered retailers like PEP and similar outlets should be genuine.

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