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Laptop powers on but no screen display

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If your laptop powers on with the fan and HDD running with lights on but with NO screen displa, then you can do the following you troubleshoot the cause of the issue. Retry powering it on with all USB devices removed to be sure it is not them interfering. If that fails, perform the following reset

  • Remove the battery pack

  • Unplug the Ac adapter pin from the laptop

  • Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds

  • Replace both the remove and fire it up and observe

If your issue still persist:

  1. Connect an external monitor using the VGA input and power the laptop on and see if you do not get a display on the external monitor. If you do, then you may be having a bad LCD, inverter or a display ribbon.
  2. If the get no display by trying the above, try removing one of your RAM (Memory modules) sticks if you have more than one to be sure you do not have one failing.
  3. If you still do not get any display, then you may be having a bad GPU, CPU, Power sup board or a defect main system board. At this stage, you will need a computer technician to assist with diagnosis and possible repairs.

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