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Hey Vic. Root it with Kingo Root. Download it from here and install it onto your computer and launch it when done

  1. Enable USB debugging on your Vodafone Smart Tab 3G - Go to Settings > Developers Options > check USB Debugging. If you do not have Developer options, navigate to Settings > About table > tap on Built number 3 times to activate it
  2. Make sure you have active internet connection on your computer
  3. Connect your Vodafone Smart Tab 3G to the computer using its USB cable... Kingo' should say connecting...
  4. It will then begging auto auto downloading and installing the USB drivers by itself - when done, you will get a 'ROOT' button you should click.
  5. Will begin to download dependencies and stuff with a percentage count and should be done when it reaches 100%
  6. You will then get Root Successful
I have tried using Kingo root as suggested above but its not picking up the device even though the device is connected. I am trying to root my sons Tablet. Please help I am not clued up on these processes?
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Do you have USB debugging enabled as suggested? Please also do remember that the computer you are rooting from should have internet access during the rooting as drivers and rooting dependencies should be downloaded prior to the actual rooting. You can alternatively use the method here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/5876/Root-Virtually-Android-Without-Pc - I have been offline due to power outage - the reason for the delayed reply.
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this process do not work on vfd 1100

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