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Please help...AG Chrome Ultra does not download any apps.

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Please help so that I can be able to download apps, i am using ag chrome ultra and most of the time I keep on trying and trying to download but it would rather say app installed when it's not even there. Or it would say downloading and take forever while my data is been finished for nothing. Tried to link my browser to my google mail account, cleared cache and even hard reseted phone but still nothing.

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Try clearing your phone cache.

  • Turn the AG Chrome Selfie off - yes off please
  • Press and Hold both the Volume up and the Power button keys at the same time
  • You should get an exclamation mark within a triangle with the Android robot lying on it back
  • Short press the Power key to display the Android Recovery menu
  • Scroll down with the Volume down key to and highlight Clear Cache
  • Confirm selection using the Volume up key.
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Hey Black-rose. It sounds much like you have buggy firmware files. I therefore would suggest reloading the firmware afresh but there isn't any ROM pack or update posted publicly for the AG Chrome Ultra. AG Mobile insists that software re-flash should be performed at one of their service centers. Your best bet at this stage therefore is to phone them at 0861 24 33 33 for the best advise on your options - which will probably involve you mailing the device to their predefined address. They will also quote you a price if the device's is already out of warranty.

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