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I can hear that the phone is ringing but there are no options to either receive or end the call. The screen just goes black during incoming phone call. What is wrong with my phone? Please help.

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This can also happen if a phone or tablet RAM memory is overloaded with tasks most special those that runs in background. In fact! Having many or heavy apps running in background can also hide the receiver during an incoming call.  To fix this problem I recommend you do a soft reset twise a day to clear the RAM memory.

Soft reset: press and hold the power button until the phone reboots.

Some tablet contains a small reset pin hole button either on the sides or back of the teblet, use a paper clip or any thing related to press the button inside the small hole to soft reset it.

If  your phone or tablet does not have that small hole reset button or if pressing the power button for more than 15 seconds does  not reboot/restart the device then simple press and hold the power button as if you want to turn it off and choose reboot on the pop box manu. This should be able to clear RAM's memory. Let us know if more help is needed.
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Go to settings, and open apps or applications, then check for dialer or phone app,

Scrol down and check if dialer or phone app notifications are enabled

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