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My phone was reset to factory default and now it keeps telling me that gmail had stopped working and it won't go further than initially setting up the phone. It goes as far as set date and time.
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Is that image mobile rio or frio? Please see the comment by JP below for a possible solution.
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Image mobile rio
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1.Press and hold the home key until google appears.
2.Search for gmail, log in and update if the option appears.
If not, go back and search play store and update gmail as well as google services.
Note: your phone will switch back multiple times back to initial set up pages. Repeat first step as it takes you back to google and play store.
3.After these steps are done you can go back to initial setup. You should be able to move forward.

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Please See the comment by JP above this answer box for a solution. let us know should you need more assistance.

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