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Does any Custom recovery, i wanna port one but i need a base. to Start with

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Hey - I am finding a professed all in one guide for molding a Custom Recovery for an Android device. Hope you have a working AG Chrome Selfies in case you need a clone of any in the process. Kindly share should you successfully complete the recovery.img project. I noticed that the Recovery partition/installation in the Chrome Selfie is somewhat buggy and almost good for nothing. Many owners of this device model are as a result stuck behind forgotten screen-lock PINs, passwords and patterns. No there neither a stock nor a custom a ROM for the model online (the stock have yet to be backed up and custom built and both uploaded). I am will to help intellectually wherever a second mind shalt needed :)

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So do you currently have any of the above, recovery, backup.
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
I have neither at the moment, V3ctor. Main reason being that I am currently away from our workshop and have had no access to the AG Chrome Model. I will try and speak to a brother but the hope is only on those brought in for service and that means it my sadly drag a bit longer. Here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/2015/Root-Ag-Chrome-Vibe? i one who had success with the Chrome Vibe.
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
V3ctor, you might want to follow the thread here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/3684/Ag-Chrome-Selfie-Rooting-Problems-Which-Require as well.

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