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I've had major problems in regards to my device root status considering im a root addict, ive tried almost every root apk or software like kingoroot, kingroot, restore backup, doomlord, z4root, framaroot srsroot, 1clickroot, oneclickroot and a whole lot of of others i today noticed that my Chrome selfie has 512MB ram as i suspected andhas an MTK chipset after using MTKlogger to determibe this i then figured i could use mtk droid tools to root and exploit them port a lollipop rom for the selfie which will be a challenge due to the 512MB rom size but if F2FS is used it might be a walk in the park so i need a little assistance from anyone.

FYI Im still not rooted.

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Hey - The AG Chrome's hardware is imported from China though AG Mobile has not been considerate to disclose the original alphanumeric model number above their custom name (Chrome Selfie) which would make pulling out info on it much more easier. With that said, you should therefore lean  onto Chinese rooting PC software like the one discussed on the video below for the best results.


I have worked with MTK and the process is almost equally easier with SP Flash Tool though ODIN is almost instant when the two are compared. Do kindly post back should you get the Chrome Selfie successfully rooted.

I managed to gain root so all I gotta do now is get a custom recovery.
I used various apps and eventually ended up with a sutemp in my xbin file but I then got king user app which completed root for me.
I still need help to get a recovery on it as well as port a custom rom it's a working progress so yeah.
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
Interesting - try and construct a Custom Recovery as per the guide here https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-74.html and you may just be able to help a few people as well. You can login with: 'Guest' and: 'Password' to add a comment. Method 1 here http://www.androroot.com/2015/02/how-to-make-custom-recovery-for-any.html seems easier alternatively.

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