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My degital camera will not turn on - how to troubleshoot?

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The following are steps you can take to troubleshoot a digital cmera that suddenly will not power on. Before we start, if the camera have not been used for an extended period of time, then the batteries will have most likely drained beyond the accepted charge level - in which case you most likely just have to replace the batteries.

  1. Romove the Memory Card if any is installed and try turning it on and observe
  2. Make sure you have the batteries inserted properly - see your manual for the best pointer
  3. Make sure your batteries have sufficient - your manual should be able to advise as to what LED will illuminate when your batteries are drained, low and full. Plug your AC adapter onto the camera and observe the charge LED. Your Universal charger may be able to tell using it LED lights
  4. If you are certain the batteries are sufficiently charged, obtain a cotton swab and dip it in elctronic cleaning spirits and wipe all battery terminals. Then dip one end of an ear bud to reach and thoroughly rub onto all the power terminals in the battery bay.
  5. If need be, proceed to replace the batteries all togrether (make sure you obtain a compatible set wwith the help of your manual for the correct ratings.
  6. If the camera will still no power on at this stage, then it will be time to seek professional help as the issue will then have to be either electronic or software bound - not a very DIY sort of issues on cameras.

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