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Hi. Connect it onto a computer using a USB cable and then short press the power button and observe to see it you get any sound off the computer speakers or a balloon off the computer task bar and kindly report back. Also do see the list of possible causes here http://www.satechhelp.co.za/3756/Tablet-Charge

Hello, thanks a lot for the tips, as of 3 days ago now may tab just wont switch on, I left it charging from about 5% while I went to run an errand and I found it dead when I got back.
I followed your instruction and the computer recognises the phone and when I look carefully the screen very dimmed goes on and off shortly after when I short press the power button
asked Feb 27, 2019 in Vodafone by anonymous ag tab battery. is dead. wat do I do
it does not switch on even though i followed instruction . please help

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