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Hard rese the ZTE Savvy (ZTE Z750c)

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Hi. Follow the steps below to reset your ZTE Savvy to it factory defaults/settings
1. With the phone turned off (on off mode), press and hold the Volume Up and the Power button and the Options/Menu button (bottom left) at the same time.
2. Release them when you see the Recovery Menu
3. Use the Volume keys to scoll up and down and highlight "Wipe data/factory reset
4. Use the Power button to select the highlighted option
5. Scroll down to and highlight "yes" using the Volume down key and use the power button to select the option
6. Scroll to and highlight "Reboot now" when the data wipe or reset is complete and select with the power button.
Your ZTE Savvy should be reset at reboot :)
asked Sep 22, 2015 in ZTE by anonymous does it work when your phone is locked

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