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My Sony Hdr-xr150 Developed An Error, E:31:00. When Connected To Computer, It Donot respond for video taking and sees to be it is crashed and what solution should I get for it?
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Hi Ramana

This error is indicative of an HDD related issues. Please do try and follow the below steps to power reset the Camcorder:

1) Turn off the Camcorder.
2) Remove the battery or disconnect the AC power adapter for 60 seconds.
3) Insert the battery or reconnect the AC adapter. 
4) Turn ON the Camcorder.

Press the RESET button, using a small pin pointed object for 2-3 seconds, to reset the Camcorder to factory default settings.

Unfortunatey, it may be necessary to try and format the HDD (this measure will compomise your videos sadly)

If all else fails and the issue remains unresolved, the Camcorder will require service.
A Service Request can be initiated from here.

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