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no bluetooth activation on Sinotech S2700

in Sinotec S7200
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I can not activate the bluetooth on this device. Icon flashes but does not activate. Wifi does work.
by (Genius) (10.4m points)
Hey Jimmy, can you advise if this tablet is new and the Bluetooth never worked or if it worked until recently. Also, have you tried restarting the tablet retried turning on the Bluetooth radio?. You can try clearing the entire system cache if you may.

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by (Genius) (10.4m points)
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Otherwise, the possible causes are:

  • Corrupt cache - clearing cache using an app called 'App Cache Cleaner' or via recovery mode. You will need to reboot the tab if you use the cache cleaner app
  • Corrupt firmware - you may need to contact Sinotec (Sinoprima) as the ROM/firmware for the model is not publicly posted
  • Bluetooth radio failed electronically - service will be necessary for this as well.

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