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battery problem verssed motion e1.1

in Verssed Motion E1.1
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the phone battery started giving me problems a few days ago. i would charge it but after being full it doesn't last for 15 minutes it just goes off even if the battery is full. the phone doesn't switch on if its not on the charger. I need help urgently. I use the phone for educational purposes therefore I need it restored in time.

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by (Genius) (10.4m points)
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Hey Kgadi. Issuming it is less than a year old. If I am correct,  then you best bet is to take the E1.1 to Edgars, CNA or Jet if you could use a free service (or battery replacement as it has evidently failed). I must say though that this measure, while it may be free, will likely NOT have a faster turn around and hence not the best option there is if you still hope to use to tab for these exams season. The measure that may have a faster turnaround is to visit any worthy mobile repairs shop for a paid replacement battery and installation.

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