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help help help plz

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​Hi. This can be the possible causes

  1. Bad SIM card - this may be also true if you get the 'Insert SIM' message. try in a different SIM (the other SIM's contacts may just be dirty)
  2. If you still have the same issue, the either your SIM slot contacts are dirty, damaged or the SIM mechanism on the phone's system board has failed - in which case the phone will require service.
  3. Dead zone - if you are experience poor signal reception, then you may be just furthest from your carriers' towers, or you have a dirty or a defect antenna - you may want to consider changing carriers if other carrier's SIMs have good signal.
  4. If you just do not get any signal bar at all, then your headset may be blacklisted as a result of either having been reported lost/stolen of a breached contract agreement. Go via you carrier to try and correct this.
  5. If the GSM phone will only work with one carrier SIM (and request a restriction code with other carriers' SIMs0, then it will likely be that that the it is network-locked. To correct this, you will have to purchase an unlock code.
How or where should I purchase the unlock code

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