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You need your PUK (PIN Unlock Key) if you ever block your 4 degit SIM card PIN, but unfortunately, obtaining the 8 degit PUK using the Vodacom's 111 self service is quite tricky as of November 2015 - yes I think it is a system error that they are not aware of. Scroll down to the answer section for steps you are to follow to successfully avail your SIM card's PUK.

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  1. From a Vodacom phone (preferably as it is free) - dial: 111 and listed to the Voice prompt
  2. Press 1 for assistance with another number when prompted to
  3. Enter number you need to be assisted with when prompted to. This is where process gets buggy - just keep on holding after entering the number
  4. Wait for the 1st set of options - then keep holding for more options when prompted to
  5. Press 1 from the second set of options (Option 1 it a group about SIM swap, PUK, etc)
  6. Press 2 for PUK from the set of options that follows (Option 2 is all about the PUK)
  7. Enter  the number you require the PUK for (yes again sadly)  - listen to it being called out again
  8. Then confirm if the number is correct by pressing # - your PUK will then be called out to you and also be SMS to the number you called from.

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