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Vodacom offers a protect application called 'Vodafone Protect' that helps protect your smartphone's personal data by requesting a secrete 6 degit PIN - you can also wipe your device remotely with the help of the same app. But you ever forget the 6 degit PIN, it is necessary to have to reset it. Scroll to the answer section below for steps on how you can reset it.

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I forgot my vodafone protect password . Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. 0725922632
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I have forgot my vodafone protect pin.0794792891
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Forgot my pin
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Hi can you please help me, forgot the vodacom smart kicka 3 password, can't log in
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Hi my phone is  blocked I forgot my pin what can I do?
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My phone is blocked please help
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I have locked my device on vodafone protect. They asking for a 6 diget pin that I have forgotten
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my phone is locked and I forgot my pin
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Please let us know your phone model number so that we can help you hard reset the phone
otherwise see common hard reset instructions for most android phones. https://satechhelp.co.za/4971/a-common-hard-reset-steps-for-android-powered-devices?show=4971#q4971
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Note. If you are unable to reset the PIN successfully, post a question on this website including the model number of your phone and we will try and walk you through the a factory or hard reset. This reset will sadly erase all you user data and apps and restores the phone to it out-of-the-box state. The easiest way to reset your PIN is to click on 'Forgotten your PIN?' > Login to your email address > locate the PIN reset email which will contain your new PIN) But if you no longer have access to your email, the below is an alternative option.

  1. Remove your SIM from the locked phone to another working phone
  2. From your browser (computer or mobile device with internet connection) - Go to https://protect.vodacom.co.za/Login
  3. Enter the cell number you used to register for the Vodafone Protect service and click 'Register' (leave the password field empty/blank) > Click 'Next' on the following screen (you should receive a SMS code).
  4. Enter that SMS code in the supplied field and enter: 079VODAa in the two password fields (this will be your temporal online account password) > Click Register and wait
  5. Click on My Account > ...from there you can either click on Reset PIN or Delete account :)
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I forgot my vodacom protect pin
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forgot pin vodacom protect pin
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forgotten pin and no access to emails
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Good day.my Samsung a5 is locked by Vodacom protect and I forgot the pin.0636888583
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Please help me
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Vodaphone protect locked my Huawei G7 still no luck
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I have a LG phone and it was also blocked when I took out my sim card if I use the webside as mentioned it says my devise is not registered on voda phone protects so why if my phone no was not registered did the app block it I am not willing to lose all my info or willing to pay to get this fixed as it is a Vodacom problem I have photos that I do not want to loose I don't care about the rest and need this app to be opened asap.  after phone calls to the help center and even went in to  Vodacom shop no one can help just the same story do a factory reset NO I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS I did try to get in on safe mode but I cant....
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I have locked my device on vodafone protect. They asking for a 6 diget pin that I have forgotten
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Just follow the instructions provide in the answer section above or simple hard reset your phone. See instructions here https://satechhelp.co.za/4971/a-common-hard-reset-steps-for-android-powered-devices?show=4971#q4971
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Goodday, my phone is locked and I forgot my pin.  Please assist

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