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my device is not picking up my sim card

in Sansui WIB802
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Hi. Assuming you have tried a restart already. Because tablet do not require a battery removal for SIM installing, we turn to forget the need to reboot and think it strange if it does not recognize the SIM and auto-register. Having said that, the following may be the possible causes

  • Bad SIM - do try the SIM in another phone (or a different SIM on the tab). I know you may have done this.
  • Corrupt SIM files - yes this is common with Windows 8 (sometimes following an update)
  • Bad SIM slot (you need to turn it in for service)
  • Bad SIM depended system board components (testing and service required for this one as well)
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Have you tried another SIM card and or of a different network?
Have you tried cleaning the SIM card contacts on both the SIM card and the phone?
Do also make sure that your phone is not on "airplane mode"
Reboot the phone.
If you have tried the above with no success then the SIM slot might have been defected.

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