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How to open the phone

in Verssed Platinum VP.1
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Hi. We had not yet gotten the privilege of taking the Verssed Platinum VP1 apart but disassembling an Android smartphone tend to involve more or less the same steps

  • Remove the back battery cover
  • Remove the battery, SIM card and the memory or SD card
  • Remove all visible screws from the back of the phone - for warranty reasons, at least one screw may be covered with a tiny piece of white or pink round sticker or paper. Make sure you remove any such as well
  •  /_o_o_\ Now use a flat blade like the razor that looks something like the figure back there (a prying tool is used in phone repairs centers)
  • Now from the edges on the phone, gently pry the back plastic covering/housing from the front plastic & screen covering (screen assembly part). Do this by gently pushing in the blade through when the from and the back plastic covering/housing meet. Do not push your prying blade too much to avoid damaging any internal component/parts
  • As the two housing/covers separate so as to allow you to see the inside, you may have to unplug the touchscreen and main LCD belts/flex/ribbons from the main board or system board. Otherwise, this step will follow after a complete separation of the two covers/housing parts.
  • Tip: the belts/flex/ribbons or cable normally has a white/black/peach plastic tab you need to raise with the same blade before they can be easily disconnected.

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