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the deregister of umoya manje airtime service is not working I try to deregister but it won't
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can I still have access to umoya manje when I switch to the green card?

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Hi. This SASSA-based airtime scheme is facilitated by a company called Zazoo Limited (formally known as Net1 Mobile Solutions, a subsidiary of Net1 CPS). To deregister from the Umoya Manje airtime service, use one of the below methods.

Method One - If you do NOT have access to the number under which the service is registered

  • https://www.facebook.com/net1mobilesolutions.co.za - Facebook page (the page is no longer available - probably because of the company name change)
  • Visit your nearest SASSA office
  • Phone: Contact the Net1 CPS (Cash Payment Solutions) Call Centre on 0800 600 160 (toll free from a landline)
  • Email: socialgrantqueries@net1.com or info@zazooltd.com
  • Fax: +27 11 463 5158

Method two - If you have access to the number register under the service. Dial *130*4444# > Choose option 4 (Other) > Choose option 2 (Deregister) > Confirm...

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