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mobicel cherry tab shows no service

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Hi so i bought my tab about 3 weeks ago. When i boughtit, it had a mtn sim. So i changed it to cellc that evening and everything was cool. A few days ago i switched my tab on and it just showed no service. I have tried about everything and still nothing even swopped sims again. Im quite distressed over this as i dont have any idea what to do anymore. Please, please help me it is still showing no service

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Hey Jamian, the following are possible causes. I trust you restart the tablet each time you insert a SIM - especially in you did so while it was on

  • The SIM slot is damaged - if the gold contacts inside do not look bent, then it will likely have failed electronically and service will be required
  • Corrupt cache - access the recovery mode and 'Wipe cache partition' and reboot the tablet and observe.
  • The SIM OS files got corrupted. You can try a hard reset and observe. If the condition does not improve, you will need to take it back to your retailer for a free in-warranty failure seeing your Mobicel Cherry is less than a year old

The steps here How to hard reset the Mobicel Cherry Tablet are for a hard reset but the will also help you in accessing the recovery mode for to Wipe the cache partition.

asked May 5, 2016 in Mobicel Cherry Tablet by christopher no service my tab

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