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This question has already be asked, but I am not having any luck with the answer of doing a factory reset.

I have an XE-A106 that I have not used in about 4 years. I find that I need to start using it again, but it will not reset. I did find that one of the old batteries had leaked, but have put a fresh set and cleaned the terminals.

I have tried unplugging it, remove the batteries and plugging it back in. I either get a blank display or 00000000. If the display is blank and I turn the key, the display will show 00000000.

Any other suggestions other than what is shown in the help section.
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The line of zeros is common issue' when the machine is not been reset correctly. 

  1. Take one battery out.
  2. Put on REG mode. 
  3. Turn poer off at wall. 
  4. Wait at least 30-60 to make sure it has discharged every power remaining in the machine's main board
  5.  Turn on at wall, and wait a few seconds. 
  6. Once it has reset, put the battery back
Let me know how it went.
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